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Growing Rosemary

Growing rosemary requires attention to soil and water conditions. This Mediterranean herbs needs excellent drainage. In warmest areas, it grows into a large evergreen shrub.

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Growing Parsley

Try growing parsley in your garden, as it not only makes a lovely garnish, but also delicately seasons food and looks wonderful as edible landscaping.

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Growing Sage

Try growing sage in your home garden. It’s beautiful in landscapes and pots, and is an essential ingredient in poultry seasoning and turkey stuffing.

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Growing Cilantro

Try growing cilantro for fresh flavour in everything from salsa to marinade. Cilantro prefers cool weather, so plant in spring or fall. Plants reseed readily.

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Growing Chives

Chives are a versatile and delicious way to flavour many dishes, plus they have beautiful flowers. Get expert tips for growing chives in your home garden.

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